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*As a default, games are always on, if/when games are cancelled the above box will be changed. We recommend keeping an eye on this page or the BMTA Facebook on nights where cancellation is a possibility.*


In the event you’re reading this and hoping for an update on matches tonight, please refer to our policy below and avoid contacting the BMTA office. Our staff are always busy monitoring conditions and appreciate your patience and understanding of our Wet Weather policy.


BMTA is committed to both ensuring safe playing conditions for members and giving scheduled matches every chance to proceed as scheduled.

BMTA’s Wet Weather philosophy is simple, games will only be cancelled or postponed at such time that it becomes clear it will be unsafe to proceed with scheduled matches.

As such, BMTA will avoid cancelling based off forecasts, due to our unique position in SEQ, there are many occasions where storms will come from the West and split when they reach the CBD resulting in minimal rainfall at Whites Hill. Regardless of the situation, we understand our members passion for playing touch and will always give matches every chance to go ahead.

As a result, we do not have a set time where a decision will be made on a possible cancellation, each weather event is unique so we will assess each situation based on the conditions. Where a cancellation has to be made, BMTA will endeavour to communicate this as quickly as possible via website, Facebook, Instagram and communication to team/club delegates.

On nights where a cancellation is possible, our staff work very hard to consistently monitor conditions, radars and to get notifications out as quickly as possible if a cancellation has to be made, to allow our staff to do this we kindly request you avoid contacting the office and keep an eye on this page or the BMTA Facebook for updates.

We thank our members for their understanding of our Wet Weather policy!



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