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Nominate a team or join as an individual for our 2024 Season 2 Competition today!

Adult Social
BMTA's Adult Social Competitions have divisions for social to elite level players aged 13 - 75+ years. We run two seasons each year - Season 1 runs from February to June and Season 2 runs from July to November. Games are played Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights between 6:30pm and 9pm.We see over 40 teams play each night across our A - F level divisions.


Individuals Team
If you are looking to join a team, head to the BMTA Players Facebook page to look for teams who need individual players. 


Learn More
See our General Conditions of Entry for full competition details.
Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop. 

Contact our staff on 07 3397 5133 on via email.

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