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Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA) is the oldest touch football association in Queensland, and the largest in Australia, currently averaging 390 adult teams and 420 junior teams per year. BMTA was formed through the amalgamation of Brisbane Touch Association (founded 1973) and Metropolitan Touch Association (founded 1974).

In 1973, Brisbane Touch Football Association conducted the first organised touch football competition in Brisbane at Davies Park and Corbett Park consisting of 8 men’s teams. Games were played on a full size rugby league field with 8 players allowed on the field, and players had to be over 25 years of age and not playing rugby league at that time. In the early 1980s the age restriction and rugby league affiliation were removed. Women’s competitions commenced in 1981, and junior mixed teams started in 1983. Renamed Brisbane Touch Association (BTA) in 1983.

In 1974, South Queensland Touch Football Association was formed to enable male players under 25 to play. First fixtures were held at Balmoral State High School between 8 teams. First women’s competition in 1979, and juniors commenced in 1980. Renamed Metropolitan Touch Football Association in 1979, and later Metropolitan Touch Association (MTA).

In 1980, the field size was changed from a full rugby league field to a half field, and the number of players allowed on the field was reduced to 7. In 1992, that number was reduced to 6, which is the current standard.

In 1987, BTA and MTA amalgamated into BMTA to enable the joint association to obtain a lease of playing fields on the old rubbish dump at Whites Hill Reserve, Camp Hill. From 1988 to 1994 BMTA installed field lighting and irrigation to 7 touch fields, and built a clubhouse with assistance from Federal and State Government and Brisbane City Council grants. The first fixtures at Whites Hill were commenced in 1988.

In 2022, because of issues with methane gas emissions from the old rubbish dump, the clubhouse was demolished and replaced with a new more user-friendly clubhouse precinct. Federal and State Government and Brisbane City Council contributed significantly to the funding and construction of the precinct.

BMTA would not be in the position it is today without the contributions of many people who helped found, grow and develop the sport in Brisbane. In particular, BMTA wishes the acknowledge the significant contributions of our life members, to learn more about our life members and their contributions, click here.

BMTA is proud to the support the Touch History Group which is an organisation dedicated to documenting and promoting the history of touch football in Brisbane. For further information on the history of BMTA and touch in Brisbane,  head to their website:

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