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2024-2027 Strategic Plan (3).png
2024-2027 Strategic Plan (4).png

BMTA Launches 2024-2027 Strategic Plan

BMTA are proud to announce the launch of our 2024-2027 Strategic Plan in conjunction with the launch of our 2024 Season 1 competitions. The final Strategic Planning document is culmination of a significant amount of feedback and consultation with our members, key stakeholders, board, staff and wider members of our community. We’d like to thank all of these groups for their time and passion for improving our affiliate which has driven a final product that is representative of the needs and wants of our people.

The Plan sets out a clear vision for BMTA; To deliver our members the best Touch Football experience in Australia, cultivating an enduring and meaningful connection between members, BMTA and our sport. A simple vision which aims to help us deliver not just a great competition or program, but a fantastic overall experience which will lay the foundations for lifelong involvement with BMTA and the sport of Touch Football.

3 key priorities have been identified which will help us deliver on this vision; People – Place – Performance. What’s important about these priorities is not just each individual priority, but how they compliment each other. We believe that if we develop and support our people & invest in and enhance our place, we’ll provide the best possible platform for everyone to perform. This way of thinking is important as while Performance is a priority, we believe that the best way to prioritize performance is by prioritizing our people and our place first.

The BMTA Values are a particularly important part of our Strategic Plan, we wanted to create a non-generic value set which would challenge everyone within our organisation to be better, in pursuit of our vision of providing the best touch football experience possible. Our Values include; The Experience, Our Culture, Responsible Leadership and The Endless Pursuit of Improvement.

The final section of the Plan, Our How, outlines the key forums we will use to deliver on our strategic priorities and lays the foundations for internal operational planning and resource allocation.

BMTA are excited to be able to launch our 2024-2027 Strategic Plan and share the document with our wider community, to view the full document, click the link below.

2024-2027 Strategic Plan (5).png
2024-2027 Strategic Plan (6).png
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