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Thank you John Clark!


During our 51st Anniversary Cup presentations, BMTA were proud to make a special presentation to acknowledge the contributions of John Clark and present him with a framed Mustangs jersey as a token of appreciation for his many years of service at BMTA. At our recent AGM, having reached the end of his elected term, John made the decision to retire from the BMTA Board after many years of service. In addition to his many other contributions, John came up with the initial concept for the event, now known as the Anniversary Cup. Given the 51st Anniversary Cup would not exist without his vision, it was the perfect opportunity to honour his extensive contributions to BMTA.

During the presentation, BMTA Chairman Corey Nolan made special mention of some of John’s key contributions to BMTA, which include:

  • His many years of service on the Board across multiple stints, including serving as Treasurer, President and Vice President

  • John has had a sizable impact as Treasurer and was instrumental in guiding BMTA into a strong financial position enabling significant facility investment over the past few years

  • John was instrumental in establishing our weekly Masters competitions, our Wednesday Men’s 40s division now has 24 teams and continues to grow

  • John was vital in establishing our Masters representative program who continue to compete at QLD State Cup, Pan Pacs and Cas Cup

  • John helped establish our Masters Mustangs Legacy numbers for Senior Representative Players when QLD State Cup was re-established and is Mustang Number 1

  • John has volunteered an extraordinary amount of time to our association and we would not be in the position we are now without his contributions, as a result John was made a life member of BMTA in 2022

Having been involved at BMTA for over 30 years and involved in the sport of Touch Football for more then 50 years, John leaves a lasting legacy at BMTA. John still plays and organizes his Wednesday Men’s 40s side, the Dead Rock Stars, so if you happen to see John around the grounds then be sure to stop and thank him for everything he has done for BMTA.  

Thank you John, BMTA would not be what it is today without you!


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