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Letter from the BMTA Chairman

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Dear BMTA Members,


Queensland Touch Football (QTF) recently announced changes to the player membership model in Queensland, effective from 1st July 2024.

QTF is transitioning to an individual membership model, following the changes implemented by Touch Football Australia (TFA) in July last year. Individual members will now be directly charged $52 for a 12-month period, with QTF and TFA fees no longer being collected by BMTA as part of the team fees.

These fees will be collected when individuals complete their season registration process through MySideline. It is important to be fully registered to be eligible to play for an Affiliate in Queensland and to have insurance that covers injuries while playing.

As such, team fees will continue to be collected by BMTA but at a reduced rate to reflect the new individual membership model. The reduced team fees will commence for BMTA Season 2 competitions, with team nominations to be opened and the new fee structure to be announced during the week of June 17, 2024.

Further details about the changes can be found on either the QTF or BMTA websites.

Wishing you all the best for the new season.

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