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Junior Mustangs at Arthur Davis Cup

16 Girls Blue Champions.jpg

BMTA's 22 Junior Mustangs teams attended Redland's Arthur Davis Cup on Sunday the 19th of May. Our teams have been training hard every Sunday and we are in awe at how far they have all come since the first warm-up carnival. BMTA can proudly say we had three teams take home the championship across divisions 1 and 2, as well as six teams compete in grand finals across both divisions. Other highlights of the day included intense drop-offs in our U10 Girls Red and U18 Girls grand finals, the U10 Girls making a tunnel for the U10 Boys Red as they ran out for their first grand final and the players getting involved in some Tik Tok action which you can check out @brisbanemetrotouch 

10 Girls Red – Champions

10 Girls Blue – 5th in Pool A

10 Girls White – Play Off

10 Boys Red – Grand Final

10 Boys Blue – Play Off

12 Girls Red – 3rd in Pool B

12 Girls Blue – 5th in Pool A

12 Girls White – Play Off

12 Boys Red – 3rd in Pool A

12 Boys Blue – D2 Champions 

14 Girls Red – Grand Final

14 Girls Blue – 3rd in Pool A

14 Girls White – Play Off

14 Boys Red – Semi Final

14 Boys Blue – D2 Grand Final

16 Girls Red – Grand Final 

16 Girls Blue – D2 Champions 

16 Girls White – Elimination Final

16 Boys Red – 3rd 

16 Boys Blue – D2 Grand Final 

18 Girls – Grand Final 

18 Boys – 3rd 

BMTA would like to extend their thanks to the coaches and managers for making the event enjoyable and possible for our players. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in leading warm-ups, taking the players to games and making sure they were well hydrated, fed and rested. A huge thank you also goes out to our parent volunteers who stepped in to help organise a delicious morning tea and lunch for our Mustangs. Finally, thank you to our BMTA referees for their attendance and efforts at the event - Riley Wotton, Makaela Tepoorten, Brett Chapel, Ella Grant, Olivia Waldon, Heather Shanks, Kahlia Mills, Tory Mills, Olivia Saba, Eden Waugh, Zac Caton, Kaelen Luu, John Hamstra, Zoe Genrich, Michael Genrich, Campbell Muir, Troy Hale, Eva Svensson, Emme Jansen, Shaun Goedhart, Will Atchison, Rohan Siddans, Simeon McCorkell and Shobna Moore. 

We are looking forward to seeing our teams play again at Palm Beach Cup on the 2nd of June for their third and final warm-up carnival before Junior State Cup.

Go Mustangs! #ONEHERD

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