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Anniversary Cup Perpetual Trophies Launched

On the eve of the 51st Anniversary Cup, BMTA are extremely proud to unveil our 3 new perpetual trophies which will be presented to the winners of each division. In keeping with the aim of celebrating the history of BMTA at the Anniversary Cup, each of the trophies has been named after a BMTA Life Member. BMTA is honored to launch the following:

Russell Mowles Cup to be presented to the winner of the Anniversary Cup Men’s 40s division.

Jim Schaumberg Cup to be presented to the winner of the Anniversary Cup Mixed Competitive division.

Peter Ridgewell Cup to be presented to the winner of the Anniversary Cup Mixed Social division.

Amongst their many other contributions, these men were integral to the foundation of BMTA. Jim Schaumberg is recognised as the founder of touch football in Brisbane and was the first Chairman of the Brisbane Touch Football Association. Russell Mowles founded the South Queensland Touch Football Association in 1974. Peter Ridgewell became President of Metropolitan Touch Association (formerly the South Queensland Touch Association) in 1986.  In 1987, in a meeting chaired by Russell Mowles, the Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA) was formed by amalgamating Brisbane Touch Football and Metropolitan Touch Football Associations. Peter Ridgewell was then appointed the first president of BMTA.

Further details on each of Russell, Jim and Peter’s contributions to BMTA can be found by clicking their name above. There is no doubt that BMTA would not be what it is today without each of their contributions and we are very excited to honor them with the naming of our Anniversary Cup Trophies.

In addition to the trophies, each of our division winners will win a $100 Café Voucher for celebrity food and drink at the café and each member of the team will take home a special edition 51st Cup Champions shirt.

We encourage all members of our community to come out from 4pm to watch our finals series, share in some food/drink and help celebrate our great history.

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