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2024 Mustang Stampede


Sunday the 14th of April marked BMTA’s 2024 Mustang Stampede. It was a terrific afternoon which saw our 22 Junior Mustangs teams get together for training, uniform collection, presentations, and a round of games. In line with our Strategic Plan, the Stampede is an excellent opportunity to celebrate some of our PEOPLE and helps fosters a strong club culture for our Junior Mustangs players for the season ahead.

BMTA were lucky to have our partner, Inspire Health Services, begin the afternoon by leading a training session on running mechanics, technique and speed training for each of our age groups. Inspire also presented two educational seminars later in the afternoon. The first was a Physiotherapy Education Presentation on injury management and injury prevention around training, games, and tournaments. The second was a Nutrition Education Presentation on fuelling for training, games, and tournaments, specifically information regarding nutrition and its impact on growth, performance, recovery, and injury prevention. BMTA would like to thank Inspire for their attendance and appreciate the expertise and knowledge they offer our Junior Mustangs.

BMTA’s coaching director, Wayne Grant, had the honour of naming our 2024 Junior Mustangs captains – Lily Neill and Jackson Streader. Lily has been a player in our Junior Mustangs Program since U10s. She is a prime example of the development our program can offer as she started her journey in blue teams but worked hard with our coaches to develop into our red teams. Jackson has been a Mustang for numerous years and has a lengthy and outstanding presence in the schools program. Jackson has built a strong reputation in both these arenas and brings strong leadership and knowledge to the role. Our Junior Mustang captains drive club culture within the program and we look forward to Lily and Jackson leading our Mustang team throughout the season.

A highlight of the afternoon is getting to present our U10s their jerseys. This presentation is extremely special for our U10s players as it signifies their entry into the Junior Mustangs Program. BMTA are honoured to have so many rookies in our U10 teams this year, the players should be extremely proud of their achievements and we hope to see them continue in the program for many years to come. Thank you to our head coaches Kim Palmer (U10 Girls Red), Scott Nolan (U10 Girls Blue), Michelle Eastwell (U10 Girls White), Jesse Green (U10 Boys Red) and Don Mackintosh (U10 Boys Blue), for guiding our U10s as they begin or continue their journeys as Junior Mustangs.

For the first time, our Mustang Stampede presentations extended to announcing our 2024 team captains and co-captains. It's always a great honor to be named a team captain and we were thrilled to be able to recognise this achievement at the Stampede, congratulations to our following team captains: 

10 Girls Red - Skye Astill

10 Girls Blue - Amora Falaniko

10 Girls White - Maggie Fraser

12 Girls Red - Lily Mathers and Leila Perry

12 Girls Blue - Sianh Halliwell and Grace Dixon

12 Girls White - Laila Hyam and Amelia Litzow

14 Girls Red - Taylor Vandenborn

14 Girls Blue - Lia Bellas

14 Girls White - Lilla Wakely and Rafi Raulini

16 Girls Red - Milli Watson

16 Girls Blue - Sophie Atkins

16 Girls White - Emily Peterson and Eliza Cowie

18 Girls Red - Kaya Hillman

10 Boys Red - Korben Green

10 Boys Blue - Blair Mackintosh

12 Boys Red - Will Green

12 Boys Blue - Jet Green

14 Boys Red - Rory Hagan

14 Boys Blue - Xavier Smith and Charlie Morgan

16 Boys Red - Rico Ngatai and Eddie Gore

16 Boys Blue - Sam Petersen

18 Boys Red - Jackson Streader


The Mustang Stampede also marks the start of the Junior Mustangs Program for our BMTA referees. Campbell Muir and Riley Wotton led a referee training and development session focusing on fitness and referee specific movements and drills. It is great to have such a large and promising group of referees this year who are eager to learn and improve.

The afternoon concluded with two rounds of games. It was amazing to see our teams take to the field for the first time this season. We are looking forward to seeing our Junior Mustangs all kitted up at Gold Coast Cup in two weeks time. 

Go Mustangs!


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