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World Cup - Participant Fundraising Assistance

Over the past couple of weeks, BMTA has been so proud to see so many of our players, coaches and referees earn selection to represent their country at the 2024 Touch World Cup in July in Nottingham, England. The World Cup is widely considered the pinnacle of Touch Football with a massive 40 counties, 180 teams and 4,000 participants involved.

As a non-professional, user pays sport, BMTA understands that there are significant costs like flights, event levies, accommodation, travel to training camps and so on associated with participants accessing the event. These costs generally total thousands of dollars, creating the need for many participants to fundraise.


In line with our recently launched Strategic Plan, BMTA is committed to developing and supporting ‘our people’.  BMTA is keen to support fundraising efforts of our people to help them access the event and represent our affiliate and their country on the World Stage.

As such, BMTA will be setting up a dedicated webpage to help promote eligible individual fundraising efforts to the wider community. BMTA will also be offering space at our clubhouse to allow eligible individuals to promote their fundraising initiative.

To find out if you’re eligible for fundraising assistance through BMTA and to apply, please click the link below and read the guidelines.


If you’re interested in contributing to or supporting BMTA representatives heading to the Touch World Cup, then keep an eye on the page linked below.


BMTA is proud to have so many participants from our affiliate earning selection for the Touch World Cup and wishes them all the best of luck for the event in July!


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