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BMTA Unveils Completed Swale Bridge

BMTA are proud to share that works on the new Swale Bridge at the front of our clubhouse have now been completed. BMTA would like to thank the Brisbane City Council for their assistance in funding and delivering the Swale Bridge project.

The Swale Bridge was a concept created by BMTA in conjunction with the Brisbane City Council to provide better access to the clubhouse. Following the opening of our new clubhouse in late 2022, the swale (or drainage area) between field 1 and the clubhouse has become an important aspect of our venue drainage, unfortunately this meant that accessing the clubhouse required participants to walk through the swale. Whilst fine in dry conditions, walking through the swale after significant rainfall was an unpleasant experience and made accessing the clubhouse difficult.

A key priority identified in our newly launched strategic plan is our ‘Place’, BMTA is committed to ensuring our home at Whites Hill Reserve is a leading facility within our sport and a safe place for all participants.

The new Swale Bridge allows safe and convenient access to our clubhouse in all conditions and will hopefully lay the foundation for further upgrades to the swale overtime to improve drainage and access to fields 6 & 7.

We ask all members to please mind their step while the newly laid turf around the bridge takes root.

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